Biography-Philippe Lawrence - 1970 - 2020

Philippe Lawrence

Philippe Hernandez, known as Philippe Lawrence or Philippe Challes,

is a French musician, singer, composer, producer,

born in Grenoble, France.

He is known in Brazil for his songs

The Reason Why” and “One More Time” released in 1985 and 1989.   

Biographie Philippe Lawrence


Biography-Philippe Lawrence

From the age of 12, he was part of various groups in his region, before setting up his own group in 1970 called “Les Krash“, which ended up winning the “Golf-Drouot” springboard competition in 1972. The same year, the group released a single entitled “Love” and performed in France, Switzerland and Spain.             


Biography-Philippe Lawrence 

In 1975, he began his solo career in France by composing the music for his first song “J’emmènerai Corinne”, the lyrics of which were written by the famous author Jacques Demarny, who wrote the lyrics of Enrico Macias‘ successful songs and later became president of the SACEM.               

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Biography-Philippe Lawrence

Biography-Philippe Lawrence 

In 1979, under his own name, he released his first solo single entitled “Des Motos et des Hommes” under the record label “AB Productions” distributed by the record company “Polydor“.

1981 /1983

Biography-Philippe Lawrence 

In 1981, he was discovered by the public with the song “La Bourboule” distributed by the “Eurogram” record company. The television presenter Danièle Gilbert invited him to appear on her programme “Midi Première” on the TF1 television channel, along with the singer Rika Zaraï and the singer Shake. At that time, it was the beginning of free radio and his song was widely programmed in many French radio stations and discotheques.

In 1983, he released a song entitled “Ras le Bol d’être un Pigeon” and was invited to perform it on the live programme “Les Jeux de 20 heures” on the FR3 television channel.


Biography-Philippe Lawrence

In 1985, his songs “The Reason Why” and “One More Time” were released in France as a single on the Celluloïd / Mélodie .

He was invited by presenters Pam and Laurent Natale to perform his song “The Reason Why” in the programme “Boîtes à Rythmes au Paladium” on the FR3 television channel, in the company of many successful artists such as Niagara, Raft, Michael Jones, Lune de Miel

The song “The Reason Why” is chosen as part of the soundtrack for the series “Ti Ti Ti“, a telenovela produced and broadcast by the Brazilian television channel TV Globo, featuring the famous actress and model Malu Mader. Between 5 August 1985 and 7 March 1986, 185 episodes of the series were broadcast from Monday to Saturday at 7pm. The title illustrates the theme of Suzana, a character played by actress Marieta Severo da Costa.

In South America, these titles, published by SIGEM, SOM LIVRE and SIGLA, the leading Brazilian labels on TV Globo, have been released in a number of compilation albums.

For Brazil, one compilation is entitled “Ti Ti Ti internacional“, named after the series, and will be referenced on numerous sites. It was followed by “Charmiho” and “O Melhor internacional des novellas”, which compiled the best songs from the series.

In France, the compilation is entitled “100 kms de musiques – Romantique” and is distributed by the Vogue label.


Biography-Philippe Lawrence 

In 1987, he composed the music for the French weekly magazine “Montagne” created by Pierre Ostian and broadcast on the television channel FR3.

At the request of many viewers, he released a single on the Labalme label, distributed by the Socadisc label.

The same year, he signed under the Labalme Island label and the Warner record company the title “L’Inconnue du Nord Express“, arranged and co-produced by his arranger friend Michel Bernholc.

He was invited to sing this song by the presenter Patrick Roy in his programme “Puisque vous êtes chez vous” on the television channel  “TF1.”


Biography-Philippe Lawrence

In 1989, the song “One More Time” was chosen to be one of the soundtracks for the series “Top Model“, a telenovela broadcast on the Brazilian television channel “Rede Globo” from 18 September 1989 to 5 May 1990. The series was created by Walther Negrão and Antônio Calmon, in collaboration with Vinícius Vianna and Rose Calza, and also features Malu Mader. It is sold in many countries (Portugal, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, Indonesia, Uruguay, Poland, Russia, Turkey). The title “One More Time” illustrates the theme of Nana, corresponding to the character of Anastacia Passos, played by the actress Zezé Polessa.

The song “One more time” has also been included in a number of compilations of the best songs from Brazilian television series, featuring some of the biggest international stars of the moment. (such as Tina Turner, the group Abba, the Bee Gees,…).

Thanks to the success of these songs, Philippe Lawrence has been featured on 5 very successful compilation albums in Brazil.

1990 / 2000

Biography-Philippe Lawrence               

At the end of the 90s, he produced the music for his friend Michel Algay‘s ice show for Paul and Isabelle Duchesnay, the 1991 world figure skating champions.

He wrote “C’était Hier” with his friend Séverin Batfroi. This anthology of music in Isère, which came out in the early 2000s, was followed by a second volume entitled “Galaxie 70“. These two opuses are successfully published by the publisher DERAPAGE Music.

Biography-Philippe Lawrence 

He composed numerous institutional film scores produced by Histoire d’Images for the following companies : Schneider  –  Merlin Gerin  – Teffal  –  Mobalpa, including,  Le centenaire de Merlin Gerin, Les Jo D’Albertville,  Le Tunnel sous la Manche He also created music for special events, notably for the twentieth anniversary of the Tunnel du Fréjus.

2000 / 2020

Biography-Philippe Lawrence 

In the early 2000s, he organised the music festival “Tremplins de l’Isère” for more than 10 years with the DERAPAGE Music association.

In 2005, he was a member of the ethics committee of the television channel “Télé Grenoble“. This committee, whose composition was published in the Journal Officiel on 1 September 2005, is made up of independent personalities and was set up by Télé Grenoble to ensure that the principle of pluralism is respected. It is composed of Jacques Roggero (journalist and writer), François de Valence (journalist, company director), Bruno Doucerain (former president of ST Micro Electronics in Grenoble), Luis Busato (director of the Institute of Communication and Media), Philippe Hernandez (author-composer, director of DERAPAGE Music).

Until 2014, he produced several national and international artists in concert and on the set of Télé Suisse Romande in the programme “Les Coups de Cœur d’Alain Morisod“.

In 2014, the city of Grenoble entrusted him with the musical production of the 14th of July fireworks. On this occasion, he released a 16-track album entitled “Hypnotic” under the DERAPAGE label.

In 2019, he released the album W.Y.L.

Biography-Philippe Lawrence 1970 - 2020     

Biography Philippe Lawrence 1970 - 2020